Customer Service Advisor


At Minister4Happiness we provide simple and effective training in customer service. We will help you to bring your business from where you are to where every business wants to be, that is; successfully providing a seven-star service to your clientele.

Through our years of experience, we understand how to achieve this in the most effective way. Our approach is unique, fresh and successfully tried and tested. We know that to have a happy customer out in the world singing your businesses praises you must have the key ingredient, happy staff.

You cannot plant an apple tree and expect oranges to grow from it, it just doesn’t work that way. And in just the same way you cannot expect your customers to be happy if they are being dealt with by unhappy staff. It is worth considering in a business where the management and supervisors are, with regards to their relationships with their staff. It is important to be aware that the relationships between all staff in all positions greatly affect the outcome of the day to day runnings your business. The staff are the belly of your business and you don’t want them upset.

There’s an old saying “The fish rots from the head”.  This is true for business and it is a common belief that poor management is the number one reason for most business failures. However, in business, the manager may not be getting the direction they need in the most productive way and hence, the head is where the problem begins.

At Minister4Happiness, we work with all the members of your team with the same approach. We aim to empower them to be their best selves in all they do. We will inspire them and equip them to deal with any and all situations in their job, therefore, resulting in a positive mental climate in the business. This will only lead to more happy customers. 

Available Training

MInister4Happiness has worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help improve their customer service. Get in touch today to book a training day for your staff.